Divyachi Amavasya: the Long Lost Festival of Maharashtra

20 Jul 2020  Mon

‘NO MOON Day’ in the month of Ashadh is known as ‘Divyachi Awas’ in Maharashtra. The day has spiritual significance and is considered an auspicious day in the month of Ashadh across the country. People perform puja of Deepa or lamp as a symbol of fire, one of the major elements of Pancha Mahabhutas. In some cases, devotees dedicate Deepa Puja to the Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, or Goddess Saraswati.

On this day, all the diyas are lit once again in the evening and placed around the house just like Diwali Puja. It is believed that the radiations of the light of the diyas drive out all the evil and bad powers and welcome brightness into life. It is also believed that Deepa Puja provides Asta Aishwarayas (eight types of wealth). Some also believe that the day is celebrated to welcome the auspicious 4 months that bring happiness, prosperity, and joy.

The stamp above depicts a traditional lamp lit in front of Gods. Known as the Gajalakshmi Lamp the style of lamp is one of the most traditional pieces of art in India. The stamp comes with the denomination of Rs. 25 and depicts the Gold lamp in the center on matching golden yellow background. The stamp is among the set of 6 stamps namely Indian Metal Crafts.

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