International Chess Day Special

20 Jul 2020  Mon

A game of strategy and wits, Chess is the thinking man’s game. From Early India to today, Chess is a wonderful game to play anytime, anywhere. Invented in India in the fifth century, it was named “Chaturanga” and this is likely one of the oldest games of our era.

The game then spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, chess was taken up by the Muslim world and subsequently spread to Southern Europe. In Europe, chess evolved into roughly its current form in the 15th century. Modern history saw reliable reference works, competitive chess tournaments, and exciting new variations.

In the year 2019, this world popular game has also inspired Numismatics. This 2 oz Niue Silver Coin combines a nice antique finish with a digitally printed play board, where you can place the charming mini chess pieces that come along.

On the obverse side of the coin are a display of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, the “King” figure, the issuer country, face value, and date. The reverse of the coin is an actual chessboard in the center with four Royal Crowns around. The circular border around depicts the most important piece of the chess “the King” figure.

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