Sumerian God Lamassu on Iraqi Banknote

14 Jul 2020  Tue

Lamassu is a Sumerian protective deity. Initially depicted as a female deity in Sumerian times, when it was called Lamma, it was later depicted from Assyrian times as a hybrid of a human, bird, and either a bull or lion—specifically having a human head, the body of a bull or a lion, and bird wings, under the name Lamassu.

he lamassu is a celestial being from ancient Mesopotamian religion and appears Mesopotamian art. The lamassu and shedu were household protective spirits of the common Babylonian people, becoming associated later as royal protectors, and were placed as sentinels at entrances.

The lamassus are native to the middle-east region. Hence, the Islamic countries such as Iran, Iraq have embraced their indigenous culture in form the depiction of this deity. The banknote of Iraq also features this ancient deity on the reverse of a 10 dinars banknote.

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