Copper Sols of the Republic of France

14 Jul 2020  Tue

The copper Sol shown above is among the first coins issued by the Republic of France after the French Revolution. This coin was minted at Metz, France, during the throes of the Revolution.

The French Revolution took place on 14th July 1793. Four years after the revolution, the first set of coins was issued which was inscribed with the new name of the country i.e. the Republic of France. 1793 was the year the king was tried and executed. Amid the chaos, large quantities of these copper sols were issued. The 1791-93 issues bear the bust of the king but his ouster forced the removal of his portrait.

The obverse of the coin depicts Table with the Order of Human Rights which reads "LES HOMMES SONT EGAUX DEVANT LA LOI," (all men are equal before the law) flanked by grape on the left and palm tree on the right. Legend around reads REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE L'AN II (French Republic Year II).

The reverse depicts A crown of oak (the 2 sols value is included in) crossing the horizontal balance with two trays. The balance is topped with a Phrygian cap. Legend around reads LIBERTE EGALITE (Liberty Equality) with the year of issue 1793 is at the bottom.

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