Silver Hoan that fetched INR 7, 40,000

13 Jul 2020  Mon

The Hoan or the Hun of Shivaji Maharaj was minted during the coronation of the great Maratha king at Raigadh. These hun’s consist of a different number of varieties.

This sliver Hoan is around 2.28 grams with Devanagari legend Raja Siva in three lines across the files on the obverse side. The reverse of this coin depicts Chhatrapati in the Devanagari script in two lines, with two ornamented diamond-shaped attributes at top.

According to the auction house, this coin is Very Fine, Extremely rare, and historically important. They also elaborate that this particular specimen has two diamond shape designs at the top which explains the fact that it may have been continued as a regular currency.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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