Banknote of Tuvan People’s Republic

09 Jul 2020  Thu

The Aksa currency of the Tuvan People’s Republic was in circulation between 1934 and 1944. Aksa means the money in the Tuvan language. Aksa was further divided into 100 peeks.

Before Aksa, they issued overprinted Russian and Soviet banknotes. The first series was overprinted with the denomination in lan and the second series were in rubbles and chervonets.

During the 2nd World War, Tuva helped the Soviet Union by transferring its entire gold reserve of approximately 20,000,000 rubbles to the Soviet Union. They also supplied the Soviet Red Army with 700,000 livestock, of which almost 650,000 were donated. In addition to this 50,000 war horses, 52,000 pairs of skis, 10,000 winter coats, 19,000 pairs of gloves, 16,000 boots, and 67,000 tons of sheep wool as well as several hundred tons of meats, grain, carts, sledges, horse tacks and other goods.

The currency depicts the agriculture scene where a farmer is plowing with the help of two bulls.

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