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Dirham of Husam al-Din Yuluq Arslan depicts mourning scene

04 Jul 2020  Sat

Artuqid was a Turkmen dynasty that ruled the province of Diyarbakir in northern Iraq (now in southeastern Turkey) through two branches: at Hisn Kayfa and Mayyafariqin.

They ruled in eastern Anatolia, Northern Syria, and Northern. The Artuqid dynasty took its name from its founder, Zaheer-ul-Daulah Artuk, who was of the Dodger branch of the Oghuz Turks and ruled one of the Turkmen beyliks of the Seljuk Empire.

The above shown silver Dirham was issued under the reign of Husam al-Din Yuluq Arslan. The obverse depicts three figures with extended arms standing around one figure seated to left in a posture of mourning. On the other hand, the reverse shows legend in Kufic bearing the name and titles of al-Nasir I Salah al-Din (Saladin) Yusuf and the name and titles of Husam al-Din Yuluq Arslan.

The figures on the obverse may represent actual citizens in mourning for Saladin. Alternatively, they may be symbolic representations of astronomical/astrological entities which were said to have predicted the death of Saladin, and then mourned him – so exceptionally great was the tragedy of his passing that the stars and planets.

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