Myanmar Women’s Day

03 Jul 2020  Fri

Myanmar Women’s Day is a day to celebrate Burmese women which commemorates the establishment of the Myanmar National Committee for Women’s Affairs (MNCWF) in 1996.

Historically, women in Myanmar have had a unique social status. They have enjoyed a high level of independence and had the same legal and economic rights as men. Sadly, the deteriorating economic climate in the country has had negative effects on women’s access to educational and job opportunities.

In 1998, the founding day of the Committee was designated Myanmar Women’s Day. The holiday has drawn criticism from Burmese women in and outside the country because MNCWF is a state-sponsored organization. It primarily comprises the wives of Myanmar’s top officials who, according to activists, do next to nothing to solve the problems of women.

The 10 Kyats banknote issued in the year 1965 depicts a woman working in a cotton field. The women are seen on the right side of the note whereas the coat of arms of the country is on the left side. All of this is within an intricate rectangular border. The name of the country is seen at the bottom of the note.

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