Bulgaria Upgrades 10 Lev Banknotes

02 Jun 2020  Tue

Bulgarian National Bank puts into circulation the fourth banknote of a new series on 12th June 2020. The note was first issued in the year 1999 and was a part of 8 different denominations.

Its design is similar to the note it replaces. The banknote of 10 Leva from Bulgaria has a portrait of Bulgarian astronomor Petar Beron on the obverse side. The reverse side of the 10 BNG bill features astronomical sketches and instruments, including a telescope.

This is the fourth in a new series notable for updated security features that include two thick and eight thin lines as an additional mark for visually impaired people; a hologram stripe with optical effects; a security thread built into the paper; and a high resolution watermark of Beron.

Image Courtesy: coinworld.com

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