Canadian Multiculturalism Day

27 Jun 2020  Sat

June 27 is Canadian Multiculturalism Day. This day honors the racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds of Canada.

Canada has experienced multiple waves of immigration, which is why about 40% of the modern Canadian population is neither British nor French origins. In 1971 Canada declared itself as the country, where multiculturalism is an official state policy. The Canadian Multiculturalism Act, passed in 1988, aims to preserve multiculturalism in Canada.

Canadian Multiculturalism Day was introduced on November 13, 2002, and adopted by the Government of Canada. Since then the day has been designated on June 27 by Royal Proclamation. Today everyone has an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the population and the commitment to democracy, mutual respect, and equality and appreciate the contributions of various ethical groups to Canadian society.

In the year 1990 Canada Post issued a 39 Canadian cent denominated stamp. The stamp depicts Multicoloured Maple Leaf on white background signifying the mélange of different cultures, races, and religions in the country.

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