Sweden stamp featured Portrait of Walther Nerst

25 Jun 2020  Thu

Walther Hermann Nernst, a German scientist who was one of the founders of modern physical chemistry was born on 25th June 1864. He is known for his work in thermodynamics, physical chemistry, electrochemistry, and solid-state physics. His formulation of the Nernst heat theorem helped pave the way for the third law of thermodynamics, for which he won the 1920 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He is also known for developing the Nernst equation in 1887.

Nernst was educated at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, the University of Graz in Austria, and then in Germany at the University of Berlin before earning his doctorate in 1887 from the University of Wurzburg. In Gottingen, he founded the Institute for Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry and became its Director. In 1905, he was appointed Professor of Chemistry, later of Physics, in the University of Berlin, becoming Director of the newly founded "Physikalisch-Chemisches Institut" in 1924. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1933.

The Postal Department of Sweden issued a commemorative stamp of value 2 Swedish Krona to honor Walther Hermann Nernst in 1980. Many other distinctions and awards were bestowed upon him for his contributions to science.

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