Japanese Summer Olympics

22 Jun 2020  Mon

After 56 years, the Summer Olympics are returning to the Japanese city of Tokyo. Thought the dates have been postponed for a year, at least 206 nations will compete with over 11,000 athletes in a total of 33 Olympic sports and 50 disciplines.

Liechtenstein designed two stamps in the spirit of the biggest gaming competition of the World. Japanese artist Keiko Yamano painted the two motifs on the stamps. The stamp with the face value of CHF 1.70 depicts Synchronised Swimming and the other stamp with the value of CHF 2.80 stamp depicts Judo.

The stamps were issued on 2nd June 2020. However, minding recent scenario, the event has been pushed to the next year. Hence, the stamps with the year 2020 are quite rare considering the Olympic Games never took place and will be remembered in later years as the memorable year 2020, when a worldwide pandemic went down in history.

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Image Courtesy: philamirror.info

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