Belarusian History Fragment on Banknote

19 Jun 2020  Fri

The Rouble or Ruble is the currency of Belarus. Subdivided into 100 Kapeykas, the Ruble is derived from the Russian term meaning “to cut, to chop or to hack”. Historically, “Ruble” meant a piece of a certain weight chopped off a silver ingot.

From the collapse of the Soviet Union until May 1992, the Soviet ruble circulated in Belarus alongside the Belarusian ruble. New Russian banknotes also circulated in Belarus, but they were replaced by notes issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in May 1992. Since then, the banknotes of Belarus depict many fragments of Belarusian history and culture.The above shown banknote bears two such Belarusian History Fragments which are Kholm Gate and Brest Fortress.

The Front of the fifty Rubles Banknote shows the Kholm Gate fragment of the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial and The Back of the fifty Rubles Banknote shows the main entrance of the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial.

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