Birth Anniversary Bartolomeo Ammannati

18 Jun 2020  Thu

Bartolomeo Ammannati, whose buildings in Italy marked the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque style, was born on this day in 1511 at Settignano near Florence. He studied under Baccio Bandinelli and Jacopo Sansovino and closely imitated the style of Michelangelo.

Ammannati began his career as a sculptor, carving statues in various Italian cities in the 1530s and ’40s. Ammannati’s masterpiece in Florence is the Pitti Palace. Two other major works by Ammannati in Florence are the Bridge of Santa Trinita, which contains elliptical arches, and the Fountain of Neptune.

The Fountain of Neptune in Florence is situated on the Piazza Della Signoria, in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. The fountain was commissioned in 1565. The figure of Neptune is made of white Carrara marble. The tank is octagonal and contains the four horses of the chariot of Neptune (two in white marble and two in variegated pink). At the corners of the tank are groups of sea gods (Thetis, Doris, Ocean, and Nereo), each of which has to foot a procession of nymphs, satyrs and fauns in bronze made.

The Fountain of Neptune depicted on a stamp issued by Italy in 1992.

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