Flavius Claudius Julianus

18 Jun 2020  Thu

Flavius Claudius Julianus, known to history as Julian II, was born in Constantinople around 332 AD, the son of Julius Constantius who was the half-brother of Constantine the Great.

When Constantine the Great died in 337 AD, his son, Constantine II launched a midnight Palace Massacre. Fortunately for Julian, he managed to escape the Palace Massacre only due to his extremely young age. Julian was restored to the imperial favor as he grew and was given the rank of Caesar (Vice President) on November 6th, 355 AD.

The coin shown above is the Lead Folic. The coin depicts, on the obverse, Julian’s pearl diademed bust shows a beard, which in the past had not been shown by Christian emperors because of its relation with Jesus Christ.

On the reverse, a bull is standing with two stars above and the legend SECVRITAS REIPVB (Securitas reipublicae, the security of the republic). The bull has often been seen as Apis, a sacred bull related to solar deities. Others say it is the sign Taurus, under which Julian might have been born.

Image Courtesy: vcoins.com

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