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16 Jun 2020  Tue

Starting in 2017, the Mint of Finland began to strike Denmark’s coins. For Den Kongelige Mont [The Royal Mint of Denmark] this is a historic change. Since 1975 the mint has been under the control of Danmarks Nationalbank. For well over 500 years it has been the only company allowed to mint Danish coinage.

In 2014 Danmarks Nationalbank decided to outsource the production of all the country’s banknotes and coins. The reasons given were production costs and an anticipated decrease in the demand for coins and banknotes. The tender for coins was put out in mid-December 2015.

The Mint of Finland won the contact on the grounds of being most economical as well as offering the highest quality and greatest security. The contract is for four years. The institution dates back to the early 16th century.

Although all Danish coins are now minted in Finland, their appearance has not changed. The only difference is that the year on the new coins is 2017.

Image Courtesy: picfair.com

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