8th June: World Ocean Day

08 Jun 2020  Mon

World Ocean Day (WOD) is celebrated on 8th June every year. On 8th June, 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Canada proposed World Ocean Day. But it was only on 5th December 2008; UN passed a resolution to observe 8th June as World Ocean Day.

Ocean gives us everything .The oxygen we breathe is mainly from oceans. We are not only getting food, pets, medicine, corals from oceans but also we are using ocean lanes for trading too. But because of the global warming, over exploitation, over consumption of sea foods, oil spilling we are losing many marine creatures. To remind humans that Oceans are the lungs of our body and create awareness and how to protect it from vulnerability, WOD is celebrated all around the world.

As the challenges to the ocean continue to grow, so does the need for novel solutions and the people driving them. To that end, the theme of UN World Oceans Day 2020 is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.” Innovation—relating to the introduction of new methods, ideas, or products—is a dynamic term, and one that is fundamentally filled with hope.

The above stamp perfectly describes the ideal as well present condition of the ocean. Issued for the Europa convention by Iceland, this stamp depicts two sides of the ocean. The right shown that the ideal ocean should be fresh mass of water filled with vibrant marine life but what we today see is the dull grey waters with nothing but garbage in it.

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Image Courtesy: stampcommunity.org

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