Coin That Protects Against the Evil Eye

01 Jun 2020  Mon

The fear of the evil eye can be found in all cultures of the world. It is based on the idea that a malicious person has the power to harm anyone simply by giving him an evil look. It became such a strong belief that entire cultures have turned to the act of praising God for blessings to avoid the powers of the Evil Eye. The Sumerians wrote down spells to protect them from the evil eye. The Greeks developed the Apotropaic eye depicted on many ancient objects. And the Hand of Fatima with the central eye, which is known all over the world, stems from Ottoman times. Palau has taken a step further. The country has come with an extraordinary Talisman that can remain hidden and will protect the carrier from the evil eye. Struck from 1 oz of pure silver, this coin’s design is powerful and compelling. Deep, rich blues and whites make the coin really stand out and the detailed patterns minted into the coin give the Evil Eye a mystical quality. One side of the coin features the abstract shape of an eye with pupil, iris and background of contrasting colors; the entire surface is filled with ornaments, in the lower right field the year 2020. The other side depicts the coat of arms of Palau, above, the inscription REPUBLIC OF PALAU with the denomination below. Image Courtesy:

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