Reign of Sher Shah Suri

22 May 2020  Fri

The Sur dynasty ruled the northern parts of India from 1540 to 1556 and was established by Sher Shah Suri. Sher Shah Suri supplanted the Mughal Dynasty during Humayun’s reign, establishing a dynasty that ruled for almost 17 years until the return of the Mughals. During the 17 years of their reign, they ruled all of the Mughal territories from modern-day Afghanistan in the west to modern-day Bangladesh in the east.

The real name of Sher Shah Suri was Farid Khan, the title Sher (Tiger) was given to him when he killed a tiger. Sher Shah Suri was a brilliant strategist and reformed the civic and military administration and re-organized the postal system in India. Sher Shah built 2000 miles long Grand Trunk Road with 1700 shelters for Harkara as Rest House.

‘Rupiya’, the name for a silver coin of a standard weight of 11.66 grams, which was the precursor of the modern rupee, was also introduced during his reign! The coin shown above is a Jahanpanah type Silver Rupee struck in AH 949.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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