Debase Gold Coin of the Later Kushans

20 May 2020  Wed

Broadly speaking, the entire Kushana Dynasty has been divided into three categories i.e. Early Kushanas, Great Kushanas, and the Later Kushanas. These later Kushanas include Kanishaka – II Vasudeva and another ruler named Kanishka who has been known from the Mathura inscription. Like the gradual changes in the polity of the Kushanas, their coinage also went through degeneration.

The Kushanas are known for their extensive Gold Coinage. These coins with excellent execution and high motifs slowly altered with the faded images and crude execution. In the times of later Kushan kings, the gold used was debased with silver.

The obverse of the coin depicts nimbate king standing facing left, holding standard and sacrificing at an altar at left, Brahmi legend Pu to left, Samudra underarm and Gadakhara (partly visible) to the extreme right. The reverse depicts Ardoksho enthroned facing, holding cornucopia.

According to Gobl, these coins were struck by a field commander/governor on behalf of Samudragupta in a region which had not yet been incorporated into the Gupta realm and where Kushan dinars were in use. This coin values INR 65,000 - 75,000.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla

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