Baibars- The Mamluk Sultan of Egypt and Syria

18 May 2020  Mon

Baibars I was a powerful Sultan who is remembered most for his military leadership, especially against Crusaders and Mongols, but also for his diplomatic skills. He is often regarded as the most famous of the Mamluk Sultans who ruled Egypt and Syria from 1260 to 1277.

Baibars I was the fourth Mamluk Sultan of Egypt and Syria and is generally considered by historians to be the founder of the Bahri Dynasty. The Sirat Baybars, a folk account purporting to be his life story, is still popular in the Arabic-speaking world.

The reign of Baibars marked the start of an age of Mamluk dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean. Baibars was nicknamed Abu al-Futuh, the Father of Conquest. He was the first Mamluk to call himself as Sultan on his coins. Most of his successors maintained this habit. As his personal emblem, Baibars put a lion on his coins.

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