China Post Unveils COVID-19 Themed Postage Stamps

14 May 2020  Thu

China Post on 11th May, 2020 unveiled a set of COVID-19-themed postage stamps to honour Chinese people's solidarity in the nation's battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. The set contains two stamps and is priced at 2.4 yuan. China Post plans to issue 14.5 million copies of the stamps. The design is inspired by the joint efforts of the society against the deadly disease. At the centre is a red geometric pattern featuring a Chinese character meaning "the public".

The first stamp has pictures of people who worked on the frontlines during the lockdown, including medical workers, scientists, police, community workers, volunteers and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), recognizing their contributions. The backdrop has patterns of airplanes, cargo ships, trucks and high-speed railways which were deployed to provide emergency assistance to Hubei Province.

The second stamp features a collage image of medical workers, equipped with personal protection gear. In the background is the renowned Huanghelou building, an ancient structure and landmark of Wuhan City.

The stamps also have "concealed information" i.e. animation elements which could be viewed by scanning the stamps with augmented reality technologies on smartphone applications such as Alipay or WeChat. The funds raised by the sale of the stamps will be donated for battling the pandemic.

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