New Security Features on 20 Lev Bulgarian Banknote

06 May 2020  Wed

Bulgarian National Bank put out a new 20 lev banknote into circulation on March 20, 2020. This is the third banknote of the new series. The overall design and the main elements of the new banknote series feature no significant changes as compared with the banknotes already in circulation. The changes are related to the introduction of new security features.

These include an additional mark for visually impaired people, three thick and seven thin lines at an angle along the short sides of the banknote.

There is also a hologram stripe with optical effects – alternating images of a lion and an eagle, changing when the banknote is tilted; a colored hologram portrait of Stefan Stambolov; a stylized image of the Order of Bravery; images of a ‘crowned lion rampant’ with a dynamic effect and a 3D image of the number ‘20’.

The version adds a security thread – built into the paper and partially appearing on the reverse, with a repeated light-colored text translating to BNB 20 and a ‘fan-like’ dynamic optical effect shifting from green to blue. The image of the repeating text is visible on the obverse when the banknote is held up against the light.

A high-resolution watermark is seen when the banknote is held up to the light. It consists of a high-resolution half-tone image of Stambolov’s portrait. The image is also seen on the reverse of the banknote. The 20 leva banknotes, issues 1999 and 2007, as well as the commemorative banknote of 20 denomination leva, issue 2005, remain in circulation along with the 20 leva banknotes, issue 2020.

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