Why to buy Lighthouse Plastic Pockets

02 May 2020  Sat

Collecting Banknotes is an enthusiastic hobby for history lovers and people fascinated by the art that adorns currency notes. Unfortunately, it also carries some disadvantages such as fragility, aging, tearing, etc. Few countries currency is made by plastic polymer but mostly it is of paper.

Therefore, it is recommended that to buy acid- and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free holders for your banknotes to protect them from dirt, moisture, and debris. If in any case your album or sheet or pockets contain acid or PVC, you will be harming your collection rather than protecting it.

Hence, purchase one of the best available quality Lighthouse Plastic Pockets.

It is best to archive document sheets. It is 100% free from chemical softeners and acids. Also compatible with all OPTIMA ring binders. The double-sided sheets provide double capacity. It is available in black color. The dimension of the sheet is 202 x 252 mm.

Disclaimer: We will deliver your order as soon as our system resume. Due to the lockdown deliveries may be restrained for a certain period. We appreciate your patience!

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