National Tree Planting Day of Kenya

21 Apr 2020  Tue

Traditional tree planting events are organized in many countries around the world, but the dates mostly do not coincide. For instance, National Tree Planting Day is celebrated in Kenya every year on April 21st.

The Kenyans are aware of the environmental situation in their country that is why they annually participate in the tree planting related events. The tree seedlings are distributed among schools and children plant the trees. This teaches them to protect the environment and how to take care of trees.

The Polymer banknotes of Kenya issued in the year 2015 honor the vast flora and fauna wealth of the country. Issued in the range from 2 Kwacha to 100 Hundred Kwacha, the banknotes feature biodiversity of the country.

The obverse depicts the African fish eagle along with the coat of arms, the signature of the Bank of Zambia Governor, face value and the promissory note. Each banknote features a unique indigenous tree from the abundant forests covering the country.

The reverse, on the other hand, features the Freedom Statue in Lusaka, the issuing authority of legal tenders in Zambia, Bank of Zambia, in the middle at the top, the face value of the banknote in words in the lower-left corner, and in numerals in the other three corners. There is also a unique depiction of wildlife in Zambia, together with an activity-based theme on each reverse of the six banknotes.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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