5 Signs of a Coin Collecting Fanatic

07 Apr 2020  Tue

There is an old saying that goes something like this ‘coin collecting is the only hobby where you can literally go bankrupt and still have lots of money.’ While no one wants to go bankrupt, there are many that have a serious attraction to collecting coins.

There are certain practices that are typical of serious coin collectors. By reviewing the list, you can determine if you happen to be one.

1. Your favourite book to read is a coin catalogue: Any coin catalogue is like your bible. You read it in your pastime or just to gain some knowledge. It is your go-to book and saviour of boredom. Serious coin collectors typically have more than one coin catalogue and rely heavily on them for information relating to types, pricing and value.

2. You belong to a coin collecting club: There more than 100 coin clubs in India. If you are a serious collector, chances are you belong to one of the clubs or associations. If not yet a member, a simple google search will bring you a list of associations. Most the club memberships are free of cost and members exchange a lot of genuine information.

3. Your collection is very organized: If you are a serious collector, then you don’t just stuff your coins in a box. You likely have coin flips, albums or other storage or display tools designed to protect your coins from the elements while also allowing them to be showcased. Best quality products can be directly purchased from Mintage World shopping section. Lighthouse offers world’s best preservation products and Mintage World are its official distributors in India.

4. You enjoy YouTube videos featuring coins: The good thing about the growth of YouTube videos is that anyone can create one. Because many of these videos are so easy to produce and broadcast, many numismatists produce their own. If you are a serious coin collector, you not only watch some of these videos but likely subscribe to them. Mintage World’s YouTube’s channel features two interesting playlists called Rusted Post Box and Hidden Treasures. Do check them out.

5. Coin preservation albums and ring-binders are one of your essential tools: Serious coin collectors know how important it is to preserve their collection. You probably own at least three different types of ring-binders and various different coin albums. Most of them are available to purchase from Mintage World’s online store.

Indians have a great many hobbies and there are certain habits that are typical for certain types. If you are a serious coin collector, you more than likely identify with one or all of the above habits.

Image Courtesy: Wallstreet.com

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