Gold Dinar of the Samanid Ruler- Nasr II

06 Apr 2020  Mon

Nasr Ibn Ahmad was the Amir of the Samanid dynasty reigning from 914 to 943. He died of tuberculosis on 6th April 943.

Nasr was born in 906 in Bukhara to Ahmad Ibn Ismail. He became Amir at the age of eight in 914. Due to his youth, his Prime Minister Abu Abdullah Jayhani undertook the regency. Nasr's ascension also brought instability to the borders of the Samanid state.

His reign marked the high point of the Samanid dynasty’s fortune. Nasr's ministers helped turn the Samanid court into a cultural center. Jayhani was known as an author and wrote a geographical work. His interest in the subject caused him to invite geographers from many places to Bukhara. Scientists, astronomers, and others also flocked to the city.

The above shown gold Dinar issued during his reign from Nishapur mint. The obverse of a coin has an Arabic inscription "La Ilaha Illallah Wahdahu Lasharika Lahu". Letter ‘Mim’ above obverse field. The reverse of a coin has the legend “Laah Muhammadur Rasulullah Al-Qahir bi-Allah Nasr bin Ahmad”.

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