USPS's 50th Anniversary of the Red Cross Stamp

29 Feb 2020  Sat

The American Red Cross has been dedicated to serving people in need since it’s founding by Clara Barton on 21st May 1881. Their main work is to provide services to members of the American armed forces and their families as well as providing disaster relief in the United States and around the world.

In the year 1931, the Red Cross Society completed its 50 years of existence. On the occasion, the Unites States Postal Service issued a special commemorative stamp worth 2 cents. The stamp is bicolor with the cross in red and the rest of the design in black. It depicts a nurse kneeling with outstretched arms before a globe.

The U.S. Post Office Department originally intended to use a portrait of American Red Cross founder Clara Barton as the central design for the 1931 2¢ stamp honoring the 50th anniversary of this national organization. But somewhere in the planning process, it was decided to use as the design source a painting of a World War I Red Cross poster called The Greatest Mother in the World.

The nurse on the poster was not a nurse at all, but instead was Marie Bard, of Long Island, N.Y., a well-known model for ads and billboards.

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