1870 Gold Mohurs and Gold Rupees

17 Feb 2020  Mon

In year 1870, By Act 13, Britsh India was authorised to issue gold coins in four denominations, i.e.Double Mohur (never issued), Mohur (11.66 gram) and Ten rupees whose weight was 7.477gram while Five rupees were minted in 3.88 gram weight.

All these three denominations were issued from the die designed by L.C.Wyon. There were obverse and reverse varieties with minor differences. However mature busts were more and occassionally younger busts are found on some coins.

Off Metal Proof Strikes of these denominations exist which were minted at Royal mint. All the gold denominations were minted at Calcutta carrying no mint marks.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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