Historical gate of India: Magazine Gate

24 Jan 2020  Fri

The main gate leading to the Akbar place or the magazine building created by Emperor Akbar in 1570 AD is the Magazine Gate. It is said that Emperor Akbar stayed in this place during his visit to Dargah of Khwaja Saheb. In 1818 AD the palace was taken over by the British East India Company form The Maratha kingdom and was used as the arsenal ground due to which it got its name as the Magazine building.

According to the historical records Prince Salim, later Emperor Jahangir issued the Farman permitting British India a Company to trade with India from this place. This symbolic gate is made by the sandstone as it has an essence of the Mughal architecture in it. The State Government of Rajasthan has converted this place into Rajputana Museum.

To commemorate this beautiful monument India Post issued a stamp in the series ‘Door on stamp' in 2019.
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ImageSource: BlogPostIndia

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