Corres Issued a souvenir sheet illustrating ‘the Simpsons’.

11 Dec 2019  Wed

Correos designed a special souvenir sheet honoring the American animated television show ‘The Simpsons’. It is the longest-running American sitcom. In Spain, Los Simpson aired in 1991. The souvenir sheet honoring this world-famous TV series features the family and their living room couch. The single 4 Euros stamp repeats the scene and is place in the picture frame above the couch.

The whole main frame of the miniature sheet depicts the shown whole family seated on the living room sofa with a Snowball family cat, Santa’s Little Helper, the dis. The stamp is the part of this image taking place on a boat that is hanging on the living room wall and depicts a portrait of the whole Simpson family. The sheet also consists of a phrase by Homer Simpson ‘Remember, as far as anyone knew, we’re a nice, normal family’.

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Image courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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