Nerva is proclaimed Roman emperor

18 Sep 2019  Wed

Nerva, the first of Five Good Emperors, ruled the Roman Empire from 96 to 98. Today, on 18th September 96, Nerva is proclaimed Roman Emperor after the assassination of Domitian.

Nerva's brief reign was marred by financial difficulties and his inability to assert his authority over the Roman army. Although much of his life remains obscure, Nerva was considered a wise and moderate emperor by ancient historians.

In order to secure the succession, Nerva in 97 adopted and took as his colleague Trajan, governor of one of the German provinces, who became emperor on Nerva’s death.

Depicted above is a Roman aureus struck under Nerva. The obverse of a coin depicts the laureate head of Nerva facing right. On the other hand, the reverse reads Concordia Exercituum, symbolizing the unity between the emperor and the Roman army with two clasped hands over an army standard.

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