Indian fashion through the ages part II

29 Aug 2019  Thu

Over the period Indian clothes trends were influenced by foreign society and ideas. One of the social influenced communities was the Pathare Prabhus. They immigrated from Patan, Gujarat to Mumbai in the 13th Century and are among the first inhabitant of the Mumbai city.

Pathare Prabhu worked with the British’s and had a high position in the British Raj. This closed working relation allowed the Pathare Prabhus community to be included in the British Indian Society gathering. Hence, there dressing was inspired by the English fashion trends of their time.

Especially the women of this community improvise their dress in such an innovative way that balanced between the old and new charms of the styles were maintained. The ethnicity of the attire was preserved while adding an English flavor to it.

To get an accurate cloth attire of these people to observe the above-shown stamp, a woman is illustrated wearing a Kasbis and tailored blouses with the English puffed sleeves. Kasbis is a nine-yard Sari of satin material with an intricate border done in pure gold and silver. This whole costume gives both indigenous and improvised feel to it.

This stamp was issued by India Post in 2018 as part of the four commemorative stamp series with the focus on the Sari as part of the second series of the theme Indian Fashion.

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