Truncation of Zeros from Belarusian Currency

21 Aug 2019  Wed

On 20th August 1994, Belarusian Government decided to round-offed one zero from its currency, making it the first truncation of this kind in Belarusian modern history. Banknotes featuring images of animals were introduced in 1992. These were replaced by a new set of notes that were released in 1994. Since then, the government issued notes bearing bigger denominations every year.

The 1 million rubles was introduced a few months later and three zeros were removed by the National Bank on 1st December 2000. This was the second time when a round-off like this was initiated. 20,000 and 50000 rubles were introduced in the year 2002 and a banknote of 100 thousand rubles was released in 2005. 200 thousand rubles note was released in 2012. Finally, four zeros were removed from banknotes once again on 1st July 2016 and for the third time, Belarusian currency was scaled down further.

Image Courtesy: National Bank of Belarus

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