4 cent 1909 stamp fetched a hefty price

20 Aug 2019  Tue

Recently Daniel F. Kelleher held a public auction ‘Flagship’ on 13 -15 August 2019. This auction is the sale of U.S, British and Worldwide stamps and postal history. The spectacular highlight of this auction was 1909 4 cent orange-brown on a bluish paper stamp. The bluish paper used in the stamp is difficult to find in this pristine condition, it also consist of the original gum and rich colors. This unusual and rare stamp fetches around $18,000

In the early stage of production of the Washington-Franklin stamp around 1908-09, the bureau tried to solve the problem of paper shrinkage that caused off-center perforations and resulted in a large number of unusable sheets. The first such creative experiment resulted in the Bluish paper stamp. Rag clothes were added to the wood pulp mixture, but this did not have the desired effect and the experiment was discontinued.

Only the archives of the Post Office Department were the only sour of the 4c and 8c Bluish stamp. Approx 80 of these stamp were traded for the rare stamp by the archives.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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