1946 Parcel Post Stamp of Uruguay

2019-08-12 Mon

Issued in the year 1946 a 5 peso-denominated Parcel Post stamp of Uruguay is a philatelic item that is rare to find.

Uruguay is sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil on the Atlantic coast of South America. The second-smallest nation in South America by land has a rich philatelic history. The country housed many rare philatelic items such as the 1946 Parcel Post Stamp.

In philately, a parcel stamp is a stamp specifically issued to pay the fee for the transport of a parcel through the postal system. It is to be distinguished from a postage stamp used to pay the cost of posting a parcel. Parcel stamps issued by governments have the same status in philately as postage stamps and have become collectibles.

On Dec. 23, 1946, Uruguay issued a 5-peso red and olive-brown Mail Coach parcel post stamp. The attractive design shows a view of the coach from the rear, with a team of horses at its front and several mounted onlookers to the left.

Although this parcel post stamp is technically outside of the classic period, which is generally described as ending in 1940, its design features and production values give it strong appeal to the classic stamp collector and have become a hard-to-find philatelic item.

Image Courtesy: https://www.linns.com

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