Asiago Award-Winning Stamps 2018

07 Aug 2019  Wed

Liechtenstein won the 49th Asiago international award for philatelic art for the best stamp issue of 2018 for its set of three Artistic Photography stamps.

The Asiago Award is known as the Oscar of the Philatelic World. Since 1970 the "Circolo Filatelico Numismatico Sette Comuni Asiago" (Numismatic and Philatelic Chapter of the Seven Asiago Communities) has been awarding the prize for the best-designed postage stamp of the year.

The 49th Asiago Award goes to a set of three stamps issued by Liechtenstein. These stamps present the eyes of indigenous birds from an artistic perspective. Three of these birds’ eyes adorn the new special stamps typographically designed by Hans Peter Gassner. These stamps were bestowed the top award for the idea, skill, and fascinating and colorful composition that take us well beyond the best photographic techniques.

Apart from that, a souvenir sheet from Portugal won the award in the category of tourism. The sheet was issued May 9, 2018, part of the Europa multination series focusing on bridges, a timely theme aimed at uniting humanity rather than dividing it.

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