Rare 1982 Constitution $1 Error Coin from Canada to be Auctioned

05 Aug 2019  Mon

Heritage Auctions is going to offer a rare silver dollar from Canada that was issued in 1911, and the finest known 1936 Dot cent on 15th August at the ANA show. Both coins belong to the George Cook Collection of Canadian coins. The 1911 silver dollar is the only known example of its type in private hands. Experts believe that the coin could break the record and become the most expensive Canadian coin to be sold at an auction.

A 1982 nickel dollar from the collection is also going to be offered on 25th August. It’s a common coin but the offered example is unique because of an error that occurred during the production phase. The obverse design is aligned in the opposite direction with respect to the reverse design. This is called coin alignment. The other type of alignment is called medal alignment, where both the obverse and reverse designs are pointing towards the same direction. The 1982 Constitution dollar is commonly found with designs that follow medal alignment. The offered example is one of the few coins featuring a design that follows coin alignment. The coin is graded as PCGS Uncirculated Details, with Wrap Machine Damage. It has a bid value of $2,100 U.S. currently and a listed market value of $4,541 U.S. in MS 63 condition.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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