U.N. stamps Commemorate 40th Anniversary of Vienna Headquarters

01 Aug 2019  Thu

On 23rd August, the UNPA would be releasing five €0.90 postage stamps in a pane of 10 and attached labels to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Vienna International Center and UNPA/Vienna. A special postal stationery envelope depicting the Vienna International Center will be issued on 24th August as part of a joint issue with Austrian Post.

The five stamps depict five different illustrations of the Vienna International Center. The illustrations follow the peculiar style of Friedrich Stowasser, who is also known by the pseudo name, Hundertwasser. Born in 1928, the architect designed several stamps for Austria, the US and other countries. Inspired by great artists such as Gaudi and Gustav Klimt, Hundertwasser loved biomorphic, irregular, and irrational designs. He avoided straight lines and was against monotonous architecture. His bold styles set him apart from the rest. Hundertwasser breathed his last in the year 2000.

The selvage features a big photo of the historic building along with the UN logo, the 40th-anniversary logo and a text that reads “Celebrating 40 Years UNPA | Vienna International Centre (1979-2019).” The labels also depict different pictures of the beautiful centre. 10,000 €0.90 postal stationery envelopes were issued. It depicts Austrian artist Kurt Regschek’s (1923-2005) illustration of the building. The pre-printed stamp features the text “UNO-City” which is another name for the Vienna International Center. Only the U.N. post office in Vienna will be allowed to use the special stamps and postal stationery.

The centre was designed by Austrian architect Johann Staber. The construction began in 1972 and it was inaugurated on 23rd August 1979. Spread across 45 acres, the centre is located in Donaustadt. It omprises of six Y-shaped office towers and two conference buildings.

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Image Courtesy: The UNPA

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