Ali Ibn Yusuf lost the Battle of Ourique

25 Jul 2019  Thu

Ali Ibn Yusuf was the fifth King rules the Almoravid dynasty reigning from 1106 to 1143 AD. Ali rule from Morocco and appointed his brother Tamin Ibn Yusuf as governor of Al Andalus.

Ali expanded his territories in the Iberian Peninsula by capturing Zaragoza in 1110 but eventually lost it again to Alfonso I, King of Aragon, in 1118. Cordoba rebelled against the Almoravids in 1121. On 25th July 1139, The Battle of Ourique took place. In which he defeated by the Portuguese forces led by the count Afonso Henriques, which allowed Afonso to proclaim himself an independent King. Ali was succeeded by his son Tashfin ibn Ali in 1143.

Despite the difficulties experienced during his reign, the dinars struck by ‘Ali ibn Yusuf at the mint of Fas (Fez) dated 535-537 are inscribed in some of the most elaborate and decorative Kufic script found on any Islamic coin.

On his coins ‘Ali is described as “The Commander of the Muslims”, and his son and heir Tashfin as “The First Deputy of the Muslims, the Victorious Prince Tashfin.” The above shown gold Dinar was issued under his reign from Al Mariya mint in 531 AH.

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