Chhota Udaipur

Chhota Udaipur or Chota Udepur was a princely state situated in Gujarat part of Bombay Presidency during the British era. This state shared its history with Devgadh Baria and Rajpipla as one of the three princely states of eastern Gujarat. Chhota Udaipur was a second class state under the Rewa Kantha Agency and merged with the Union of India on March 10, 1948.

The rulers of Chhota Udaipur claimed their lineage from Chauhan Rajput family (Prithviraj Chauhan) which descended from the famous Patai Rawal, the last Chauhan Chief of Champaner. When Champaner was captured by Muhammad Begda, a 12 years siege was fought between the two parties. It ultimately came into the hands of Begda in 1484.

Jayasinghji Patai Rawal, the ruler at that time, died defending his home. His two descendents Prithviraj Singhji and Doongar Singhji then conquered all the areas around them. Hereafter the elder brother Prithviraj Singhji established the kingdom of Chhota–Udaipur on the banks of the river Orsang. Doongar Singhji went north to establish the kingdom of Devgadh-Baria around 50 kilometers away. Not much information is known about the later rulers. All rulers bore the title of Maharawal.

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