Sultans of Madura

The history of the Sultans of Madura is short with only 8 eight rulers who ruled for a period of 48 years. The Sultanate of Madurai was founded by Jalaluddin Ahsan Khan who was appointed viceroy of the province but declared independence in 1335 CE. His successors ruled till 1378 CE after which the neighbouring Vijayanagara Kingdom annexed the Sultanate to its territories.

Between 1344 CE and 1357 CE, the Sultanate went into decline. This was mainly due to internal fighting coupled with the rise of the neighbouring Vijayanagara Empire. There were a series of invasions led by the Vijayanagara Empire during mid-fourteenth century which initially restricted the rule of the Sultanate over South India, finally ending it in 1378 CE.

Coins issued by the Madurai Sultans are known in Copper, Billon and Silver. No coinage is known to have been issued by the Sultans during the period of decline. Ibn Batuta's records indicate that gold coins were issued by Jalaluddin Ahsan Khan, but no specimen has been found as yet.

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