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Coins: Chhatrapati Sambhaji

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History of Unbeatable Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj


Fondly remembered as the tiger’s cub Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was a man, who always wanted to walk in his father’s footsteps. The more one learns about this great man, the more one wants to know. Chhatrapati Sambhaji was such an enigmatic personality. Although, his reign was short, he accomplished many things. He was born on 14th May 1647 to the greatest Maratha king and warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Saibai.

Since, his father was busy with wars and conquest; he couldn’t attend to his son and Sambhaji was raised by his grandmother and his stepmothers. He was quite young, when he married Pilajirao’s daughter Jivabai. After the marriage, she had to follow the Maratha tradition and changed her name to Yesubai. Their marriage alliance worked for the benefit of Chhatrapati Shivaji as he got the opportunity to fulfill his southern ambition. Yesubai wife of Sambhaji raje was a very beautiful woman, who appreciated Sambhaji’s military tactics.


The most adventurous part of his life was his escape from Agra along with his father Chhatrapati Shivaji, after Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb imprisoned them. His coming to the throne was no less of an adventure too. When Sambhaji was at Panhala fort, he was highly under the influence of Minister Annaji Datto and his stepmother Soyrabai. There was no hope for him as he was to be arrested at the Panhala fort, however luck was on his side and he succeeded in turning the table around and took to the throne.

Sambhaji had his father’s instincts and courage was deep-rooted within him. He attacked Burhanpur in 1680 and ensured that the Mughals surrendered. Sambhaji slowly began expanding his empire and defeated the British, Mughals and Portuguese. However, Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb overpowered Sambhaji and made sure he was tortured to death. Sambhaji was executed on 11th March, 1689.


Two copper coins were minted in his name. The coins featured the legend Devnagari “Shri Raja Shambhu” on the obverse and “Chatra Pati” on Reverse.