Dynasty / Name of State : Gupta
Ruler / Authority : Samudragupta
Denomination : Dinar
Metal : Gold
Weight (gm) : 7-8
Size (mm) : 18-22
Shape : Round
Types/Series : Lyrist-Type var A
Minting Technique : Die Struck
History of Gupta

Founded by Sri Gupta, the Gupta Empire ushered in the 'Golden Age' in India. Arts, Science, Architecture and Learning took the front seat in the dynasty's history. Known for being the first dynasty to unite and rule most of the Indian subcontinent, the Guptas adopted a policy that combined matrimonial alliances and military conquests for expanding their territory.

The Gupta Empire nurtured many renowned scientists and scholars. Aryabhata, a scientist with a futuristic vision, was one of t...

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