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Interesting Facts about Azerbaijan Coins

Early modern Azerbaijan coins, especially gold dinars, silver dirhams and copper falus may not seem so very different from the drachmas and folles of the ancient world, but their image and concept were in sharp contrast. These Azerbaijan coins did not bear any symbols of extravagance, ruler’s portrait or philosophical ideas. Usually there were verses from Koran, official name of the caliph, as well as place and date of minting in different methods. During the 1700s Abbasi coins were minted under the name of Azerbaijan. These extended from Darband (Derbent), Karabagh, Qubba, Shemakhi, Sheki and Ganja Khanate.

Following occupation by the Russian Empire until 1918 Azerbaijan was part of the “rouble zone”. Between 1919 and 1912 Azerbaijani manat was introduced. No subdivisions were issued and the currency only existed as banknotes. First Azerbaijani manat was introduced in denominations of 5 Qepik, 10 Qepik, 20 Qepik and 50 Qepik dated 1992 and 1993. In 2006 new Azerbaijani manat was re-introduced and re-denominated due to inflation.

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