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Settlement and farming lead to great development in human history. The gradual progress increased the necessity of protection which further resulted in fortification. The first fortified city was the Proto-city of Jericho and since then fortification became an important part of many major cities in the world. The main aspects of fortification are the grand doors that help these fortified towns to supervise, cooperate and protect. According to the literary sources like Arthashastra and Adnyapatra, a door should be made at the weakest part of any fortified city or a fort so it can be well protected. In the later period as the trade Continue reading Chronicle’s of mammoth doors on stamp

The Mintage World Team comprises of experts, researchers and writers from the field of Philately, Notaphily and Numismatics who try to shed light on some of the most interesting aspects of coins, banknotes and stamps from not just India but across the globe as well.

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