Forts of India - Vellore Stamp

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The Forts of India, stand as befitting 'monuments' to the pride, courage and chivalry of the rulers and people of India who relentlessly strove against invading armies to preserve their freedom and to keep alive their fait and their culture.The Fortress of Vellore is situated about 125 kms. west of Madras. Built in this historical town, the Fort is one of the most perfect specimen of military architecture in the South. The 'Ethaladurg' or Land Fort was built by Chinna Nayak a subordinate Chief under Sada Sivaraya and Sri Ranga Maharaj, the Vijaynagar Kings in the third quarter of the 16th century AD.
block of 4 stamps with upper right margin and traffic lights on right margin

Issue Year: 03-Aug-84

Condition: good condition

Type/Series: Commemorative

Denomination: 100 paise

Color: Multicolor

Product Code: 1193-4D12
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