International Day Of Yoga Full Stamp Sheet 5Rs - 2015

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Indi Post commemorated the International Day of Yoga by issuing a Rs. 5 stamp. The logo etched on a white background represents a pair hands stretched outwards from the body and joined together. The joining of both the hands symbolizes the union of individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness. This symbolizes a perfect harmony between the body, mind and the soul which is the ultimate aim of any yogi. Below the human art form, there are 2 pairs of brown and green leaves, symbolizing the elements of earth and nature. The blue human figure symbolizes the element of water and the orange halo above head, symbolizing the element of fire, which is the source of all energy and hence commands the topmost spot. Below the logo the words Yoga for harmony and peace are inscribed which is believed to be the essence of Yoga.

Product Specification: 45 Stamps of each 500 Paise (5 Rs)

Issue Year: 21-Jun-15

Type/Series: Commemorative

Denomination: 500 Paise

Shape: Vertical Rectangle

Color: Multi Colour

Product Code: MISFS00023
Note :
This product is developed and offered to notaphilists, numismatists and philatelists for collection purpose.
This image is for reference purpose only Condition may vary from Image.
The product over 100 years. Not to be sold overseas.

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