Lighthouse Vibration Cleaner VIBRO For Coins


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Description :

Vibration Cleaner for coins. This battery-operated vibration cleaner ensures your items experience a gentle clean.
Colour: White

Leuchtturm original products made in germany.

Color: White

Product Code: 317590
Note : Serial number will vary from image.

Customize your card: Send your photo to info@mintageworld.com alongwith order id.

Features :

  • • Inside knowledge about prefixes
  • • Types of signatories
  • • Various types of paper money
  • • Telephonic denomination indexing
  • • Collectible themes for collection
  • • Estimated market price

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Disclaimer :

This product is developed and offered to notaphilists, numismatists and philatelists for collection purpose.
This image is for reference purpose only Condition may vary from Image.
The product over 100 years. Not to be sold overseas.
Serial number will vary from image.


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