Types of Fancy Number Currency Notes

Types of Fancy Number Currency Notes Many notes come and go from your pockets and wallets, but we have never thought of the mysterious numbers hidden in them! To the naked eye, it would only appear as normal Indian notes. But if you apply certain logic to looking at them, you will be blown away with the kind of fancy numbers these notes can feature. Some notes are easy to find but make no sense until they are paired up or made into a set. Others are extremely rare and you need to be really lucky to have them with you! Apart from the numbers, they also have to be in the perfect condition. The rarity of the note also adds a special value to your collection.

There are several types of fancy and unique numbered currency notes of India. Some are extremely rare and some pairs or sets take many years to be collected. Collecting paper money is an art and you need to have the eye for it. Finding logic in numbers is a skill and it can be mastered only with years of experience and practice. You not only need to have a sharp eye for numbers but also has to constantly be in touch with fellow collectors to complete your most favourite sets or pairs.

It’s only with keen observation, persistence and patience that you can collect your desired notes. They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The same holds true in the field of Notaphily as well. Unique numbers lie in the eyes of a true collector!

Solid Number

When all digits on the serial number is the same like “11111" or “22222" they are termed as solid numbers. When these notes are Vintage, they become even more special. Fun fact: Back in 1918 10 Rupees would make up for an entire year’s salary. Now isn’t that so cool!

Super Solid Number

Super sold number notes are the ones which have the same digit in the prefix as well as the serial number. For example, a note featuring the number ’55 555555’, 2 fives in the prefix and 6 fives in the serial number. The rarity is such that one of these notes would come in 10 crore notes. Only 11 such 10 Rs. notes and 13 such 5 Rs. notes were printed in 1950.

Ultimate Note

An ultimate note is the one whose inset letters also look like the digits that are present on the prefix and the serial numbers. For example if the inset letter and the prefix alphabet is “B" which looks like the number 8 and the serial number consist of all eights, such a note would be called an Ultimate note. Different logic can also be applied to the inset letters and prefix letters to arrive at a conclusion. For example, if the prefix alphabet is “R". R is the 18th letter in the string of alphabets. Numerologically, 18 makes 1+8 which equals to 9 as well!

If the prefix alphabet is “S". “S" is the initial for the number seven.

If the prefix alphabet and inset letter is “V"; V is the 22nd letter in the string of alphabets and 22 is a number made of 2 twos.


Twin notes are identical in terms of prefix, serial number and inset letter as well. There could be minor differences in the designs and the year that they are printed.


Read it from left to right or right to left, the value of the security number does not change at all. These kind of unique notes are called as radar notes. Collecting a pair of radar notes is a unique achievement indeed!


Keep rotating the note any which way you want, the value of the security number does not change! These kinds of special numbered notes are called rotator notes. Very rarely would you find a pair of such notes together.

Reflect or mirror image

This unique set of 2 notes forms a mirror image of the security code when placed adjacent to each other. For example, if one of the notes bear the security code ?99M 000999’ and the other bears the number ?66W 000666’, which are mirror images of each other. Go; check in the mirror if you want.

Radar, Rotator, Reflect (3 in one)

This one is a king of Radar, Rotator and Reflect notes. Since it can be read with any logic you want, it fits the bill perfectly on all occasions. For example, if the Prefix letter is “B", looks like the number ?8’. Hence the security code “80B 000808" can be read from left to right, by rotating it any way you want or as mirror images, the value does not change at all. Collecting a unique note like this would be every collector’s dream!

Ascending and Descending Number Notes

You can also have a collection of Ascending and descending number notes when you read their serial numbers. The idea is to have the series of the same denomination to make it a commendable set.

786 Holy Fancy Number

The number 786 is considered to be lucky, many collectors like collecting notes with this series appearing on the serial numbers.

Now, the choice is yours, apply all kinds of logic, permutations and combinations and make your own fancy number note collection.

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